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pymc - Markov Chain Python Library
Bayesian estimation, particularly using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC). For modelling.
(tags: algorithms bayesian coding python research statistics library)

EuroPython 2009: Python and the IMAP protocol —
Bruno Renié's talk about Python and IMAP.
(tags: email python programming IMAP tutorial)

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links for 2010-07-31

Pingdom Tools | DNS Check
Useful web-based tool ("DNS Health Check"), very gentle display of results. They also have ping/traceroute tools and a general web page test.
(tags: dns tools pingdom webapp)

Email Previews and Email Marketing Analytics - Litmus
Smart fellows.
(tags: emailmarketing emal webapp)

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links for 2010-07-16

Splashy Icons - free icons for prototyping
Another free icon set, similar to Famfamfam.
(tags: design webdesign graphics icons)

Loic Dachary / Text-Unaccent -
Perl module Text-Unaccent on CPAN. For when you need to normalize éêëè… to e, and so forth.
(tags: perl CPAN coding encoding programming)

Crockford on JavaScript: A Public Lecture Series at Yahoo!
Really excellent. Five lectures, the […]

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