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links for 2010-07-16

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Splashy Icons - free icons for prototyping
Another free icon set, similar to Famfamfam.
(tags: design webdesign graphics icons)

Loic Dachary / Text-Unaccent -
Perl module Text-Unaccent on CPAN. For when you need to normalize éêëè… to e, and so forth.
(tags: perl CPAN coding encoding programming)

Crockford on JavaScript: A Public Lecture Series at Yahoo!
Really excellent. Five lectures, the […]

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links for 2010-07-15

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John Rauser: TCP and the Lower Bound of Web Performance | Mike Bailey's blog
John Rauser from Amazon speaks at Velocity 2010 about network latency and web performance.
(tags: network performance web amazon johnrauser development design)

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links for 2010-07-13

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Unicode Primer for the Uninitiated: Internationalization Article | Freelance Blogging
This article is lagging in quality behind the classic Unicode intros by Tim Bray and Joel Spolsky, and contains a few annoying errors. However, I could see it being of use for non-techies who find Bray and Spolsky too technical.
(tags: i18n unicode development coding tutorial)

Unicode code […]

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links for 2010-07-12

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Datejs - An open-source JavaScript Date Library
Javascript datetime library. Localized into a bunch of languages.
(tags: datejs datetime opensource javascript web development)

Map Projections: Contents
Excellent manual on map projections.
(tags: geography mapping mathematics science visualization)

Git Magic - Preface
Excellent, comprehensive Git tutorial.
(tags: git howto tutorial book software)

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links for 2010-07-08

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Farm Subsidy Raw Data Store
Data from the various EU member states' transparency sites regarding CAP payments, collected by Most are zipped Excel files, ugh.
(tags: data CAP Europe EU)

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links for 2010-07-07

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Beneficiaries of CAP payments - Agriculture and Rural Development - EUROPA
Official EU page that links to each member state's "transparency" site. Since 2008, member states are obliged to make the list of CAP payment recipients public. Each, of course, rolls their own, and few make raw data available for download.
(tags: data politics Europe EU CAP)

boomerang […]

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links for 2010-07-04

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On Language - The Origins of 'One-off' -
Online version only, but still cool: The ECDB in Ben Zimmer's "On Language" column.
(tags: eggcorns ECDB nytimes media language)

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