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Happy Birthday, ORG!

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The Open Rights Group is two years old today — already! And on the occasion, ORG is asking for your support.

Digital rights boils down to two things: the rights governments and commercial entities have to our data — individual data or those paid for via taxes; and the rights the public has to use, tinker with, appropriate or build on data and content that already exists. It’s an extension to the classic notion of civil rights, an issue that is already far-reaching and will only get larger in times of pervasive connectedness. It needs to be taken on, bit by bit, on each national level. It touches the interest of every geek and net-savvy person.

ORG is the UK digital rights organisation and very much the brainchild of my friend Suw Charman. In its short history, there’s been some outstanding work done by ORG volunteers — see the pages on the Gowers review of intellectual property, or the huge report on e-voting painstakingly produced on the basis of first-hand observation of the e-voting trials during the last UK local elections.

I am an extremely proud member of ORG, and wish the organisation many fruitful and happy returns.

chris @ November 19, 2007

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